Grade 8-12 students at Crystal Springs just concluded a grueling 2 1/2 month marathon, with two productions of an Anne of Green Gables Musical. The cast has been working on the songs since mid-February. Practices have been going for the last month on the drama side. It all culminated with a 2 hour performance on April 30th and May 3rd. Audience reactions were unanimous in their praise. The most common reaction was, “was that two hours, it felt like one.” A number of people praised the stellar casting of roles, and the wonderful quality of the singing. A big shout-out to Ms. Ruth Bergen, music teacher, and Mr. Victor Kleinsasser, drama coach. The cast also performed above and beyond, with the second night’s performance taking things to another level, rather than just repeating the first night’s success. From leading roles to bit parts, every cast member dug down within themselves and stepped into their roles with vigour. It was a couple of nights that both cast and audience will remember for years to come. Thank you for a wonderful show!

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