Grade 6-11 Choir to perform at Mennonite Heritage Village May 4th.

Music Teacher Ruth Bergen will be taking the Grade 6-11 choir to perform at a concert at the Mennonite Heritage Village on the evening of May 4th at 7pm.

The event features the Winnipeg Singers, the SRSS Chamber Choir, and the Crystal Springs School Gr6-11 Choir. The theme is Accent on Youth: Young Canadian Talents.

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Rusty the Owl comes for a visit.

Rusty, a long-eared owl, dropped by Crystal Springs for a morning visit to a couple of classrooms. The students were fascinated to experience a beautiful creature like Rusty up close and personal. The presentation included numerous artifacts like owl talons and wings that students were able to handle, as well as some owl pellets they got to dissect to learn more about the dietary habits of owls.

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Valentine’s Day Celebration

Parents and family are invited to join us for our Valentine’s Party this afternoon. Activities will start around 2:30 with snack (healthy and otherwise) served around 3:30. There will be some skipping competitions and a middle-grades basketball game.

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New CSS Website

Crystal Spring School is pleased to announce that we have launched our new website. The new site is mobile responsive, adds new features, and provides opportunities for expanded content delivery. We trust that you will enjoy your browsing experience. We’re still tweaking and fixing things here & there, so we appreciate your patience, particularly within the first few days of launch. If you encounter an error, or find something not displaying correctly? Please let us know at

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