Songs for Kids in the Car

Songs to keep your children busy in your car on those LOOOONNNNGGG road trips. Instead of just giving them a phone or tablet or putting on a movie, get them doing something active and educational. Recommended by a middle school student from California.

Sleepopolis – Bedtime Stories for Kids

Suggestions for great bedtime stories to read to kids. Hosted by a mattress company to encourage sweet dreams by suggesting sweet stories for bedtime read-aloud time.

Read Aloud Handbook

Jim Trelease’s website provides a wealth of information regarding reading aloud to children. Jim is not so much concerned with teaching a child how to read, he wants to teach the child to want to read.

Earth Album

Earth album allows you to explore some of the most stunning photos in the world courtesy of Google maps.


Gapminder provides presentations on Human Development Trends. Very interesting!

Baldwin Project

The Baldwin Project is a huge online collection of stories from many different cultures.

World Clock

Realtime world clock. The clock can be personalized to show the daylight date and time of the viewer’s location.

Niagara Falls Photos

On this website you can find a great collection of free, large photos of Niagara Falls.

Views of the Earth

Computer rendered images of the Earth’s surface. A collection of incredible earth landscapes which can be very useful in the social studies classroom.


Raz-kids is a website that is associated with Reading a-z. The websites provides an animated reading program that tracks students/children’s progress.